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Gone are the days of searching through dog-eared catalogs or trying to make sense of complicated product websites.

ADS Inc., does the work for you! We've taken only the very best and most current products and placed them in easy-to-use categories designed for your needs. Take a look at our selection - quality products at excellent prices.

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We know you don't have time to waste; so we've cut to the chase and made it simple! But keep in mind, we do have access to over a million products - so if you don't see what you're looking for or have a special theme or request, let us know - we'll find it!  Our site searches through over 300 different suppliers in the promotional industry and lists each searched item for you to review the details and price.

Note:  Because there are so many items available, we can not guarantee the accuracy of all the current listings from the manufacturer.  Occassionaly we come across a discontinued item - If this happens we will help find you an alternative.  This is an open sourced search engine and has access to many different items, some are not covered by the Kenwood Co-op policy - You may want to check with your rep or ask us first if you plan to use your co-op funds, incase the item you are looking is not covered. 

Feel free to call us directly at (714) 894-5520 if you have any questions.